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Time Tracker

CushyWork allows you to track time on each task, Forget about spending hours to know how much hours are spent on projects how much should we invoice. Cushywork will become you friend and make your life easy to track every second of your team spent on job.



Recruitment seems to be easy but its quite hard when you enter the life of an HR, to keep track of candidates, jobs posted and all the applications. CushyWork makes your life better by managing all this is friendly manner


Job Management

Project Managers deals with difficulty to keep track of projects, tasks, bugs but No More difficulties with CushyWork. All the task are managed with commnets, status, time, hours and much more. All in organised way to deal with.


Graph Views

You will love all the beautiful graph views we have to look into employees performance, attendance and much more.


Permission/Module Management: 
ACL is implemented on department and user level, you decide which department has access to which modules and further sub permissions can be assigned on user level.

Project Management: Create your projects and manage them by adding user level permissions.

Task Management: Create tasks, assign to employees and track them by time logs recorded. It had many more options to add attachments, comments and view activity etc

Bug Management: Bugs can be created under projects to track time logs. Can be managed with user level. It even tracks each activity happening in bugs.


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User Profile Management

  • Allows you to create employee under your company.
  • Manage employee profile
  • Manage Bank details of employee
  • Manage documents of employee such as educational or any other required for company records
  • Review total time spent by employee on projects,tasks and bugs
  • Review employees activity
  • Review employee performance
  • Reviews time logged by employee


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Payroll Management

  • Allows you to create salary templates as per requirement.
  • Hourly or Monthly both type of salary profiles can be managed under one roof.
  • Overtime calculation is no more manual with CushyWork.
  • Hourly payments are auto calculated as per the time logged into system
  • Salary slips can be generated and emailed to employees by just one click
  • CushyWork makes your life easy by allowing to assign salary templates to employee and then auto calculates all deductions and any reimbursements

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Graph Views

  • Graphs makes you easily understand the statistics and progress. Graphs are always preferred over Mathematical calculations.
  • CushyWork introduces graphs on several stages.
  • Graphical Representation of employee performance to admin as well as to staff themselves.
  • Graphs represents leave reports to HR, which makes better understanding of employees attendance.
  • Admin can view graphical presentation for projects and tasks performances.

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time tracker

  • Time tracking is key to productivity and workflow
  • Allows you to track time spent by each individual on every task. Time sheets are created on daily basis which can be used for reporting or can be used for tracking individual hours.
  • Timer information helps to generate accurate invoice to clients.
  • Overtime can be easily calculated as per the time logged by employee
  • Time spent on task can make you analyse is the task worth it or not and will improve your productivity by providing you accurate information about the time logs
  • Increased efficiency is the result of tracking
  • Its efficient way to analyse cost being spent on tasks

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Human Resource Management
HR department is important component of every company, who is responsible in well being of employees.

HR role needs to be quite managed in order to keep track of all candidates applying for jobs, looking after recruitment process, keeping track record updated for employees, leave management, Payrolls and attendance management.

With CushyWork all of this get sorted under one roof and CushyWork makes its really Cushy to handle all jobs with one click.

HR will love their job once they are introduced to CushyWork as it behaves in friendly manner and makes there job cushy to have control over all the recruitment process, Payroll management gets quite simple and quick to be managed.

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Lead Generation


Leads generation is the process of sales team which source leads to company to be converted into clients.

Leads generation is identity of companies growth and progress, its increase companies profitability.

This phase of CushyWork  helps sales team to generate multiple email templates, create leads, record all the required details of leads, email them by selecting one of created templates.

You can also track from where the lead was generated and at the end can get reports to compare what is the best approach for you to generate leads.

You also can create groups so as to send email to a group in one go.

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Many times we have to make some announcements, within company. When we want to broadcast any message to all our staff members this phase of CushyWork helps you to make announcement which informs team by email and also with instant notifications.

There can be plenty type of announcements required, such as :

  • Celebration of Birthday
  • Celebration of success party
  • Achievement by any team member
  • Policy updated
  • New rules created by management, etc

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up coming modulesFew of our upcoming modules are listed here

Clients Management

This will allow to manage all clients and client will have there own login details where there can view there projects being managed by your company and task,bugs even they can log tickets which later on can be converted to new bugs or tasks.


This will allow to generate invoice to clients and email them directly through the system, this will save heaps of time as will help you to review total hours spent while invoicing.

Recurring Invoice:

You will be able to setup recurring invoice for any client, such as you have any fixed budget project which has fixed payment by clients. You don’t have to worry about generating manually, instead it will be all automated.

Generate Quote:

You would be able to generate quote and email to clients automatically, This will help saving your time to send similar kind of quotes to multiple clients.


Any of your client can create tickets and assign it the employee assigned to project, Client will feel confident and transparency as he will directly able to use system and generate tickets for you as well as can see progress on all the tasks.


Employee can apply for reimbursement by providing all the billable slips and any other required documents, which can further be approved by manager or HR to be reimbursed while payroll generation.

Stock Management:

CushyWork allows you to manage your company stock, by tracking what and when was purchased and allocated to which employee, this automates all your calculations for budget by tracking what and when is required in stock.

Performance Calculator:

This will allow you to calculate the performance of employee, depending on there tasks and bugs completed within timeline, you can setup employees indicators and every month can update according to there performance.


Report generation of tasks, projects, bugs, leaves, stock, sales, clients and all the phases included in CushyWork


You would be able to have your own chat system within organisation, No more dependency on gmail accounts or Skype accounts. Instead you would be able to have chat within your project management system.

Cushywork Features

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