How amazing it would be if you can store all your employee details in one place and that also provides you authority keep eye on every employees performance as well as there leave reports, attendance and much more. You are looking at right place, CushyWork powerfully provides you platform to manage all the details at one place.

Some of the Key points that CushyWork provides for user profile management

  • User Profile Picture along with employee id and some crucial confidential details
  • Accurate information on total tasks, bugs and projects status
  • Accurate information about time spent on tasks, projects, working hours etc
  • Employee personal details
  • Document uploading upto n number of limit
  • Bank details storage for salary accounts
  • Provident fund information
  • Salary information
  • Leave details to check how many leaves employee have been taken and how many left.
  • Overtime if ever spent can be easily tracked here
  • Performance with deadlines.

Human resource department needs to manage each and every minor details of employee in records, This system helps you to manage all the information with ease so that you never have to look for bulky files for any of the details.