Payroll is basically companies list of employees, but often its refereed to include the terms like salaries, wages, bonus which in return refers to total amount of money company paying to employees.


CushyWork have several benefits over tracking payrolls and historical data of employees.

  • CushyWork provides you intuitive user interface to manage employees salary records whether its permanent role or hourly job, you can handle both within one system.
  • Forget all manual calculations which keeps your head going round and round during every payouts. CushyWork does all the calculations for you on the basis of time logged by employees.
  • CushyWork also allows you to enter time manually in case employee forgets to log time, so that payout calculations are always accurate.
  • For Monthly salaried employees you can create templates which give you hand while generate payslips, entering any deductions etc
  • Overtime or advance salary payments can be easily managed through CushyWork and will help you maintain all records up to date.
  • Salary slip creation is just a matter of one click and here you go, No more headaches of caluclations, emails etc.
  • Anytime you can view the historical data about what and how much was paid to employee.
  • Reimbursements can be quickly done while creating salary slips along with attachments. Its gives you satisfaction that none of your data will be lost ever and everything will stored into system so that you can view it anytime in future.
  • Any rewards paid to employee in terms of appreciation of there work or may be any type of bonus can be easily tracked under Award section.