There are many moments when you need to drop email to all of your staff members either to inform something or to share some important news. Most of the HR or managers send email by selecting every individuals id into list. How frustrating is that if by mistakes you forgot to add someone in list, how disappointed the team member will feel in that case, to avoid this situation sender needs to be very careful.

What if your system takes all these extra cares for you and makes sure no one is missed from the team. Isn’t this amazing that you don’t need to worry anymore for any kind of confusions instead just focus on the information that is supposed to be shared within team members.

This will directly effect your productivity as all your stress levels are gone and CushyWork will take care for each and everything for you.

You can clearly focus on all the important information required to be shared and pen down it nicely so that you can confidently shoot the information among your team members.

You can create announcement and every team member will be notified via email as well as will be notified within system as notification.