Time Tracking allows you to track time spent by each individual on every task. Time sheets are created on daily basis which can be used for reporting or can be used for tracking individual hours.


Importance of tracking time:

  • Efficient method to generate cost estimations for future projects and tasks
  • Ability to value your work process
  • Ability to efficiently generate payrolls for hourly paid jobs as well as for permanent roles, overtime can be easily managed
  • Accurate estimates for future tasks
  • Resource planning
  • Accurate invoices for clients
  • Transparency with clients regarding time being spent on projects
  • Performance tracking of individual

Timer On/Off

Employee can start and stop timer as per the working schedules. This time gets recorded into system which further helps management to track the time spent and can be used to invoice client later on. Time schedules are recorded accurately as per each time log

Task Timer

Time Spent
Manager or concerned person can go to each individual’s profile and see how much time each individual have spent on tasks, bugs and projects. This helps in performance tracking. Manager can review all this while appraisals and can measure the employee performance by considering the timelines met by individual. Time sheets can be viewed from historical data by selecting month you want to view.


Time spent can be tracked by individual task/bug, It also allows to edit time manually which helps to keep records updated in case any of the timer is missed or by mistake has been over timed.

Task Detail Timer