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Performance review is very important for every employee and the management. Every employee tries to give his/her best and expects to get paid as per performance. Whearas management have to review the performance very closely so that they can be sure that every deserving candidate gets deserving pay. Although its important for the overall growth of company.


There is an expectation level for every designation and role. Indicator helps you to setup expectation level per designation so that while you review the performance you can easily go through the expectation level and the recorded  performance of each individual.

Performance Report:

Generates the reports based on the Appraisals awarded to employee. You can review what appraisals were awarded and when to which employee.

Give Appraisal:

Every employee waits eagerly for the appraisals whereas management is worried to be careful while deciding over the appraisal amounts. This module helps to record the improvement of employee as per the expectancy level set in indicator.