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Select the department and month for which the salary is to be paid.

Click on Go and it will list all employees of the selected department along with the information that this employee has already been paid or unpaid for the selected month and year.

If you want to pay then click on Make Payment

Here you can mention any kind of deductions or any expenses required to be paid.

Click on update will record as salary has been paid for the selected month to the employee.

Now you can generate payslip from the previous screen of make payment, Goto Make payment select department and month year. It will be show status as paid.

Generate Payslip appears on this screen, when you click on it, new screen will be loaded which will display all the information about deductions and expenses cleared. Now you can generate PDF, download it or can directly email to the employee.

This saves lots of your time by saving you from all the hassle of paper works. Now everything is in the system and you can easily view it anytime anywhere.