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One of the most used and versatile modules among businesses is Payrolls. HR will love this as it will make their life easy to manage all the payrolls and generate payslips as well as will help them to manage overtime, advance salary etc.

This will make your life easy by supporting you throughout to manage salaried employees as well as hourly paid employees.

To start with payroll you must first create Salary Templates. CushyWork supports two type of salary templates

  • Monthly
  • Hourly

Salary template refers to monthly salary of employee whereas Hourly Template refers to hourly paid employees.

Create appropriate template by using “Set Salary Template” tab under each template type.

Once your salary templates/salary grades are ready go to Manage Salary tab, Here you can select department for which you want to assign template, this selection loads all employees under this department.

Select the grade, tick checkbox and click on Update. This will assign the selected salary grade to the employee.

Same way we do assign the hourly template to hourly paid employees, While we make payment hourly employee salary will be auto calculated as per the hours clocked in by the employee.