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Step 1: Get Subscribed and receive your Admin login access.

Step 2: Login with your provided credentials.

Step 3: Goto Departments Tab and create Departments and required Designations.
Select appropriate permission of modules for specific Designation.

Step 4: Goto User Tab and create users with valid details. Once you complete registration of user, goto User tab and select icon email and then user will receive email with login details.

Step 5: Enter all your public holidays under Utilities, This will appear in calendar for all users.

Step 6: Goto tab Background, Enter all your valid details under company details and record your leave categories so as to manage leaves.

Step 7: Goto Projects Tab to create new projects, You can also control permissions per project at this level.

Step 8: Task and Bugs can be created under each specific tab.

Step 9: further you can goto Payroll to create salary templates and assign templates to each user.

Steps 10: Leads can be created and managed under tab Leads.