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CushyWork supports 3 type of users:

  1. Admin
  2. Staff
    • Super Admin
    • Admin
    • Hr
    • Staff
  3. Client (Upcoming Module)

You will be provided with Super Admin login details when you register with CushyWork. Super Admin have access to each and everything in the system.

Super Admin can further create users of different types, departments etc and can can control the access of other users in terms of permissions.

Staff term is referred to all the other users without super admin rights, They must belong to some department and must have a designation to control the user access. Staff will have access to the limited modules with limited permission given by either admin or the super admin.
While creating staff member you can select if this member is Head of Department, as Head will receive the leave emails and project updates of his department.

HR is default department assigned in your company and you can create designations further under this department, Hr department can view leaves, attendance for all other employees and can also add leaves and time sheet on behalf of other employees.

Client term refers to the client of yours, you can create client and they will have there login panel to keep track of their projects, tasks and can track the progress also can generate tickets which will be received by your support email entered under Tab Background

Admin can limit the access to client as well.