Ekvi Technologies agrees to provide you with Services, and you agree to accept the Services subject to the terms herein.

Our Agreement includes:

  • Our Acceptable Policy
  • Any other policies that Ekvi adopts time to time
  1. If, in our opinion, there has been a breach of the acceptable use policy by a client, you agree we are entitled to suspend the service concerned without notice.
  2. Ekvi will stop all services in case of non-payment.

Our Acceptable Policy

  1. Email conversations can be considered for project discussion
  2. Client needs to provide all information about the project requirements for software developement
  3. Ekvi is not responsible for change of mind of client
  4. Client is responsible to pay for the work done by Ekvi in case, requirement of client changes
  5. Client is responsible to notify Ekvi immediately, client wants to stop Ekvi’s Services
  6. In case of pending invoices, Ekvi will send friendly reminders and Ekvi has full right to stop all services
  7. Ekvi will deliver code and access only after payments are released

Client agrees to above mentioned basic policies of Ekvi if no written agreement is provided.