There are plenty of benefits to start with Cushywork, You will feel the difference once you are onto it, It will make you more Efficient and Insanely Productive. CushyWork supports the logic of All in one platform. Why to use multiple systems when you can do all at one place.

CushyWork acts as smart system for all your work management.

Smart CuhsyWork

  1. Go paperless with CushyWork

Managing paperwork has always been a pain, Why not to be digital in every way possible? CushyWork provides you platform to be as digital as possible.

  • from employee recruitment to employee exit,
  • from lead generation to client converting,
  • from project documentation to project execution
  • from stock list to stock management
  • from ticket generating to ticket closing

You name it we have it.

  1. Migration is easy

If you are already using some other tool and worried about getting all your existing projects, tasks, bugs, leads and users to be migrated.

Don’t worry, We have solution for this, We provide you importing multiple records at once, Which saves you plenty of time and all your data will be imported at once.

  1. Hassle Free

CushyWork provides you platform which is hassle free and make your life easy. Why to waste time in meetings when you can handle everything digitally, You can record all your attachments, discussions into the system and save time going back and forth.

Easily refer to old comments whenever required. Human minds cannot store each and everything for lifetime but CushyWork can.

  1. Agile Support

Agile methodology is very effective and widely approached. CushyWork is very much feasible to support Agile. All your milestones can be stored so as to delivery iteratively and reach your project execution stage with ease and decided timelines.

All your attachments, comments, discussions can be stored into system which helps to understand all the requirements.

  1. Team Management

How awesome it will be if you can keep your team focused and motivated. Your team will be more confident if they have clear instructions for each and every thing they have to work on, its HR, Developer, Designer, Sales, Tester or any other role. You can manage each role and there work load.

  1. Access Control

How cool is that if you have full access to decide who can see and access what part of the system. Full control over modules and User level. Even team will feel more focused when they can see only specific details and no more ambiguity by showing them unwanted details.

  1. Graphical attractions

Isn’t it cool to see teams performance on Dashboard in graphical view which shows who is performing how, All the data you need to see have list and graphical both views. Graphs are easy to read and very effective when you have to immediately conclude on team’s performance, project progress, teams leaves etc.

  1. Recruitment made easy

We purely understand how far Human Resource team have to go to hire a new candidate for the company, What all hassles and ambiguity they go through to keep track of each and every candidate applying and appearing for the interview.

No more pain with CushyWork, Imagine you can design your own process of  interview stages, just a click away to search for candidate by their status, view CV anytime, upload as much as documents of candidates, Check for all candidates appearing for interviews right on your dashboard.

Everything with just one list. Forget about multiple excel sheets or any other way you have been following till date.

  1. To do list

Each and every individual can create there to do list so as to never miss anything. Create you list and mark it done or undone which is purely private to you only.

  1. Milestones to delivery iteratively

Create your milestones, assign task as per milestones and make sure all your project are on track with timelines. Your client will be more impressive to receive updates based on milestones and you will become achiever in all ways possible.

Graphical views of milestone will be very effective to understand where you up to are with the project progress

  1. Marketing campaigns

Save your leads and there details. Create your own email templates, keep track of which email sent to whom and when.

Create group marketing, save notes, save call details.

Create you marketing campaign and keep full track of information’s exchanged. No more documenting required to track who was contacted when and how. Everything is stored in CushyWork for your convenience.

  1. Proposals to save time and no more paper work

Create your custom proposals and keep track within system by updating its regular status, If lead is your client then all status will be updated automatically as per clients responses.

Pre save your items and load it while creating proposals to save you more time or can create new items, as many as you want with details of cost and timing information to make lead aware about all the inputs required.

  1. Multiple currency Support

This feature is on the edge and will be released soon. You can setup currency for each client, proposal, project etc. You can have your clients residing in different countries and might be they would like to see estimates in their own currency. You just have to select which currency to be used for your purpose and it will be carry forward for the process.

  1. Time Management

End of the month it becomes crucial to track every individuals work log to manage their time frames and also the payrolls to be adjusted as per any paid extra hours or any deductions depending on leaves taken by employees.

Time logs can be easily managed for attendance and tasks. You can even modify the time logs if required which can be a case where someone forget to log time.

All is easily and quickly managed in system which further provides you information during generating salaries to take care of any measure which can be effective on pays.

  1. Payrolls easy to handle

No more stress to manage overtimes, appraisals or advance salary. everything comes at ease with CushyWork. All details stored helps you while generating salaries and reminds you of any deductions or extra payments required to be done. Easy payroll, happy HR. Happy HR, happy employees.


These are just the clues that can help you and your team to manage you work load. To know more better about what else CushyWork can do for you, Subscribe Today or Request for Demo.You can also contact us on